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With Misty Day, C.A.P.
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Astrology, tarot and prophecy buffs, colleagues, students, teachers, eco-enthusiasts and politicos:

You might want to see The Shape of Things to Come 2015-16, prophetic trends for the United States.
And Al Gore's, Michael Moore's and Donovan's Astrobiographies, or Brad and Angelina's chart comparison (Please send Angie healing energy and good will).

BERNIE SANDERS: A quick analysis of Mr. Sanders' directed horoscope using a noon birth time
(I suspect he was born after noon as you will see...) at this link.

Prince George's horoscope (button to the left) data: 22 July 2013, 16:24 BST, London, UK
("A" data from news report.) The button will give you a .pdf file of his Uranian analysis. I must confess I've grown fond of him and he's only a few days old as of this writing!

It may be time for a proactive personal forecast showing your unique pathways to happiness,
success and fulfilling relationships.

My book of poetry, Fool's Knapsack, can be ordered via this link.

-- Love, light, peace, joy, abundance, and a cool, green Earth! --- Misty Day, C.A.P.

The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come

USA Capsolar 2015-16 for Washington, D.C.

By Misty Day, C.A.P.

The Sun, traditionally representing the President, is with Neptune on the 22.5 degree dial. On the one hand, this may show someone spiritually inclined, wise in the ways of compassion, who cares about the suffering of others. On the other hand, it could show someone who has investments in medicine, chemicals,or oil. Neptunei is capable of feeling the troubles of others, and may take pains to mend them. But it can also be a dreamer, someone who doesn't know how to be practical.

The midpoints of the Sun show a philosophical person, very interested in education and the sciences as well as in regulating international trade. This person is self reliant, self assured, sentimental, civil, honorable, respectable, authoritative, and takes charge. I think it is interesting that the Sun also shows ascent or mastery in relation to the public and the state, public authorities or officials, famous populations or nations. From this it is possible that the President will be male, but we will examine the Moon for the feminine gender later on.


Gem Show at the Bowers Museum
Chart Data: 10:55 am 8/9/07 Santa Ana, CA

The first thing that stands out in the event chart is Venus conjunct Saturn in Leo in the 11th house. Venus = gems and jewelry, Saturn = hard things, and Leo is known for its flamboyant love of jewelry and other precious things. Saturn trines Pluto in Sagittarius - mining, things from underground. Pluto's degree symbol is **A sculptor's vision is taking form.** Mastery of formative intelligence over substance. Sureness of expression and perfection of ability. A permanent form to one's inner ideals and images. Saturn's degree is **Dawn; in the east, light slowly increases, and the stars are blended in with it.** Transforming power of creative impulses as they bring ideas into concrete manifestation. A sense of wonder as the opportunities beckon to us. A Degree of Manifestation. One of the sculptures was called "Manifestation", and we did feel wonder at the beauty of objects on display. Uranus closely trines the Midheaven: Something exciting, unique, different among pleasant companions. Venus squares Mars, often showing artistic inclinations or activities. The Sun widely trines Jupiter, showing wealth. Sun's degree is associated with inviting guests to participate in comfortable social/spiritual occasions. Jupiter is in the 2nd house of valuable possessions, in Sagittarius (items from other countries). Many of the displays were from exotic locales. The Part of Fortune degree, in the 11th house of friends, was **In a palatial estate bright-eyed women laugh happily.** Early stage of development of individual soul, with full yet binding life-protection. A measure of freedom. Popularity with women. Friendship, sisterhood, non-competitive relationships, family, prosperity, joy. A Degree of Satisfaction. (I went to the exhibit with two women friends.) The 8th house cusp (Placidean) was in a degree associated with multiplicity of forms with underlying similarity. Pallas Athena's degree was **In a quiet moment, an art student drinks in the flow of inspiration.** Gratitude, fulfillment, perfected wisdom, aesthetic ideals manifest in the tangible realms. Venus and the Moon make septile aspects to Juno, and all three goddesses are often shown bedecked with jewels.

It might be said that astrology is the answer to the familiar question, "why did the chicken cross the road?"

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