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Astrology, intuitive readings and tarot are the stock-in-trade of Timesmithing Divination and Astrology Services.  It's a nice combination -- one kicks in where another leaves off.  Character reading will teach you about yourself and the things you are likely to become involved with.  Vocational analysis gives you insight into your professional goals, interests and talents.  Synastry tells us about the soul of your relationships and how well you are likely to get along with coworkers and supervisors, what gifts they will bring you and what potential roadblocks you may meet along the way.

Suppose you are about to get married or go to Vegas or start a business.  Electional astrology tells you about the ins and outs of important events, and can be done in advance to choose an auspicious time for them.

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when you're ready for an in-depth reading

Just email me at timesmithing@att.net.  We can set up a 'phone call or just get right to work.  I will need your name, 'phone number, email address, the date, year, time and place you were born, and where you live and work right now.  If you are thinking of moving to another location, let me know the places you're considering. Locational astrology is great for choosing the right place to live or work.  Astrocartography is a way of mapping the planets and angles of the horoscope on the world, and tells a wonderful story about what you will encounter in various places.